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Have you noticed that driving down the mainstreet of Wolfville come summer is a road best to be avoided if you’re in a hurry. Solution: slow down :). There is a reason or shall I say many reasons why a visit to the Gaspereau or Annapolis Valley is in vogue these days. Check out if one of the following is a reason why YOU need to visit!

  • Wineries of course! We are definitely making some noise nationwide with regards to our sparkling and still white wines! Lots of choices of where to do a wine tasting or have lunch with a glass of local wine paired with fresh local ingredients.


  • In the same about a visit to a local distillery, a refreshing cider on a hot summer day or maybe an educational glimpse of malting grain at a craft brewery.


  • Local Artisans galore. I’ll just direct you to a few favourites...I guarantee if you’re in the area you’ll encounter many more if you just ask!


  • Who can resist a rural roadside stand!! They all showcase something different so whoops, you’ve got to stop at them all :). There’s fresh produce, fresh flowers, fresh baking, fresh farm products...fresh, fresh, fresh. Just keep your eyes open for these as you tour the country roads. Many are self serve so be sure to pack some change.
  • And yes, scenic drives (drive or bike). So worth it to anticipate rounding that next bend in the road to see something you’ve not encountered before. It’s always great to have a destination in mind but make sure to take the ‘long way around’ to find the unexpected!
  • Lunch could be that ‘destination’. Lots of great places to enjoy an al fresco picnic or lunch on the patio.


  • Stop in at a local Farmer’s market to pick up some lunch ingredients. If it’s not market day, there’s a great variety of daily markets that offer a multitude of local product.   


  • Or maybe it’s one of those days when it would be great to spend time with the family, host a party or take the relatives from out of town around to enjoy what Annapolis Valley has to offer in the summer.


  • Last but definitely not least...we are an agricultural hub. Lots of flowers, vegetables, grasses and trees. And lots of small niche businesses for you to come and browse to find something you may or may not have been looking for!


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