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 The media on one hand bombards us with the challenge to take a risk and own who we truly are...certainly well intentioned and politically correct advice but too often we question the wisdom of daring to act on that directive.  It’s not easy to step outside our comfort zone to experiment with an idea that has intrigued us but is not universally accepted.  Don’t worry, this article is not about what or what not to wear (I’m the last person to give any guidance on that!), I will however borrow some principles from the world of fashion as I do think they aptly apply to design in the garden.


Horlings Plants planter contest
Use 2 to 4 colours in either cool colours, warm colours or clashing colours. Tie those colours together with a neutral colour ie: white or foliage.
Using one colour, blend different shapes of flowers and foliage. Take advantage of stripes and polkadots or veining in the flowers or leaves to accent the prominent colour.
Have fun with this one! With only 2 colours you can combine crazy ideas.  You  might use a lot of one and a little of the other.  Make it elegant or audacious. You could even use this look to duplicate the colours of your house.
This can definitely be your calling card.  After designing a planter with good, strong, no nonsense colours add a little bit of bling.  It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe it will be just an inanimate object that you can use to intensify the colours you have chosen in your planter. A little artistic flair.

That’s right!! ‘Sprezzatura’ defined by ‘wikipedia’ is the ‘ability to display a difficult action (in this case planting) which hides the conscious effort that went into it.’ Oxford English Dictionary describes ‘sprezzatura’  as ‘studied carelessness’. I think in the gardening world this simply means ‘OWN IT’!

It has never been easier than now to make a fashion statement with regard to the planters we design in the spring. So many colours vividly diverse or monochromatic, contrasting foliage textures plus an amazing line up of annuals and/or perennials beg for YOUR imagination to engage and fearlessly create a combination never tried before…at least by you anyhow.
So BE BOLD!! We challenge you to make a rockstar planter this designer planter year….submit a pic of you with your masterpiece to Horlings Plants  by posting the picture to our Facebook post in reference to this contest. Or email us the picture HERE (include your name and phone # if you choose to email the picture). All entries must be sent in by July 30th 2017. Winners will be notified by August 2nd 2017. Our judging will be based on the Best colour combination and WOW factor / Originality.

Entries are limited to Nova Scotia residents.
Grand prize will be $100.00 Gift certificate to Horlings Plants
2nd prize will be $50.00 Gift certificate to Horlings Plants
3rd prize will be $25.00 Gift certificate to Horlings Plants


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