All workshops include the materials and tools you will need for your project. Minimum number of participants is 4 up to 10. Please contact us with the number of persons, type of workshop (eg. terrarium) and the date you would like to reserve. We will respond and then confirmation will be made with a $50 non-refundable deposit. Please note no plant material should be brought from outside the greenhouse however you are welcome to bring any special container or decor pieces for your project from home.Click HERE to sign up for a workshop!



Who knew that wearing plants could be in vogue! We provide the supplies and stepsucculent earings by step instruction so you can create a living ring, necklace or earrings. Click HERE to sign up.

COST: $25.00  for each ring, additional jewellery may be completed for $20.00 each.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   succulent ring


2) TERRARIUM (ALSO KNOWN AS CONTAINER GARDEN)                                                                                                            

Even if you think the last thing you have is a 'green thumb' you will amaze yourself
by the professional result of your completed terrarium. We'll teach you a few tricks to make a difficult planting seem easy! And lots of cool succulents to choose from. Click HERE to sign up.

COST: $35.00-$60.00 depending on the style of container chosen




Ever make a moss basket from start to finish? When finished a hanging moss basket is no less than a miniature garden which constantly changes as the plants grow and intertwine.  And for hummingbirds it is a delightful feast. So for a sunny spot or shade you can choose the plants that most suit your space. Click HERE to sign up.                          




Hanging Moss BasketCOST: $50.00

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