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So what’s the story on BASIL. It’s likely the most hunted for herb amongst our selection, even more so than parsley. In fact, if parsley is the decorative garnish, basil is the meat and potatoes.

Personality Profile of Basil


  • The sun
  • Being pinched


  • Not much of anything
  • Basil is no fence sitter...knows what it loves and positive of what it hates
  • Not your ‘forever friend’ like its brother spearmint...basil is more your ‘fair weather friend’. Treat it right or bye bye


  • Cold
  • Drafts
  • Congestion
  • Wet feet


Not only is Basil highly aromatic with its soft lustrous green leaves but it is chuck full of vitamins A and C, omega-3s, iron, calcium and magnesium. So it is definitely an herb you want to make room for in your garden whether amongst your row of veggies or tucked into a corner of your patio planter. When shopping for basil here’s a few basics that are good to know. There are quite a few cultivars to choose from. Here’s a start:

  1. Sweet Basil
  • A bit of a misnomer as many basil fall under the ‘sweet’ category
  • Good choice. Very aromatic with full licorice and spicy flavour
  1. Genovese Basil
  • Traditional Italian basil with large leaves.
  • Very popular for pesto
  1. Nufar Basil
  • Similar to Genovese
  • A little more peppery and minty
  • Pesto
  1. Thai Basil
  • Good choice for a cooking basil as its leaves are a little more resilient to the heat
  • Rich licorice flavour
  • Asian cuisine
  1. Queen Thai Basil
  • A really big thai basil!
  • Same spicy qualities as thai with a larger beautiful presence in the ornamental garden
  1. Lettuce Leaf Basil
  • Large crinkly leaves
  • Mild flavour so good sandwich ingredient
  1. Italian Big Leaf Basil
  • Extremely large leaves
  • Sweet and mild
  • Useful for wraps
  1. Spicy Globe Basil
  • Best pick for the small garden
  • Tiny plant with tiny leaves...big on flavour!
  1. Lemon Basil
  • Lemon scent
  • Sweet/tart flavour
  • Indonesian cuisine (curries & stews)
  1. Emerald Tower Basil
  • Genovese type.
  • Columnar habit, can reach 3’
  1. Try Leaf Basil
  • Not sure which to choose...this pot has a little variety to start you on your basil journey!

Plant BASIL!! Plant for fragrance; Plant for fresh flavour; Plant for your health


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