Annuals are the flowers and foliage that give an abundance of colour and lush growth for a single planting season: spring, summer and fall. You get to take great pictures and enjoy their fragrance and beauty until frost. To extend the annual season plant some hardy garden mums in the fall. We carry some spectacular varieties.
The following year, because the annual plant completes its life cycle in one growing season, you get the opportunity to start fresh and create an entirely different combination. Incorporate some ideas from your previous experiences and maybe try something new. There are lots of options to choose from.
Purchasing multiple pots of the same size regardless of its variety qualifies you for a discount as follows:
4 inch pots: 4.50 or 5 for 20.00
6 inch pots: 6.50 or 3 for 18.00
gallon pots including dahlias, marguerites, canna lilies, kanga: 10.00 or 3 for 27.00
gallon flowering vines including thunbergia, dipladenia, morning glory, cobaea scandens: 15.00 or 2 for 25.00
gallon annual grasses: 15.00 or 2 for 25.00
gallon specialty items including senecio angel wings, acalypha bronze pink: 15.00 or 2 for 25.00

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