Perennial plants come back year after year, after year, after year, after year...BUT WAIT...there are exceptions, there are always conditions. Always remember to read the small print!! Some are 'tender perennials'. Some are 'short-lived perennials'. Some perennials need to be divided to maintain their vigour. And then there's always those notorious biennials that are often mistaken for perennials (you thought people were fickle!) And yet perennials can be the backbone of your garden. Take a look, highlight some that 'call your name', then ask lots of questions. We do have a 'show garden' that might help you visualize what catches your eye.
Purchasing multiple perennials qualifies you for a discount as follows:
gallon pots: 9.00 or 3 for 25.00
2 gallon pots: 15.00 or 2 for 25.00

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