1959 was the year John arrived from Holland aboard the “Groote Beer’ at Pier 21 in Halifax with his parents and siblings. The family continued by train to Ontario where they established a family grocer business which eventually encompassed a thriving garden centre. After marrying, he and Liz made the decision to move to Nova Scotia. 

By 1991 Horlings Plants became a presence at the Halifax Farmer’s Market. With 5 children and a busy farm life John and Liz carved out a life style made possible by hard work and a dream. Now 25 years later you will find our plants at Halifax Seaport Market, Dartmouth Alderney Landing Market and best of all we have a retail shop at our growing site in the beautiful Gaspereau Valley. Plus beginning this year we have online ordering available for your convenience.

The team now consists of John and Liz with daughter Hannah. The products we sell today are a result of careful selection over the years and an understanding of what our customers are looking for. You’ll find a well stocked inventory of both annuals and perennials, herbs, hanging and patio planters plus many specialty items to inspire you. Browse in our greenhouses or saunter through our perennial gardens. We’re looking forward to your visit!


              John Horlings       down pointing arrow      Liz Horlings

                        John 'Manager Extraordinaire'                                                          Liz 'Quality Control'                                                                                                           

                                                                       Hannah Horlings and Logan Horlings                                                           

                                                        Hannah 'Marketing'        +         Logan 'Comic Relief' 


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