We are firm believers in incorporating plants of longevity in the planters we create. With the proper care your planter should be able to withstand the summer elements to give you enjoyment until frost. Because annuals expend such a lot of energy growing we recommend fertilizing weekly with a water soluble fertilizer having a higher middle number(phosphorus) which is ideal for promoting bloom. If your planter is primarily foliage you might be better off with a higher first number(nitrogen).  But bottom line don’t get too stressed about the kind of fertilizer, just as long as your plants are getting extra nutrients. And above all do not OVERWATER!! Your planter likes to be thirsty before it gets a drink so let it dry down some between waterings.

We have different sizes of planters available. Many are priced individually however the bulk of the liners we carry are what we call small and large. Buy more than one for a better price. In both sizes there are some that prefer more sun and some prefer more shade. Lots of variety so you can either choose ones that are similar, ones that are contrasting or even just one for a focal point. The planters pictured on our products page are examples only of what we have available.

SMALL PLANTER: buy one for 30.00     buy 2 for 55.00

LARGE PLANTER: buy one for 45.00     buy 2 for 85.00


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