We want to start the following description of the plants we carry with a disclaimer.  Hopefully what you see is what you get however when dealing with living plants taking a picture and giving an accurate description of a product can be challenging. Our experience may not necessarily be your experience.  The French talk of ‘terroir’ when it comes to choosing a wine (how the vine and fruit are impacted by its environment) and let me submit to you that that is a concept similarly encountered when we choose a plant.  How my or your planting experience may differ is how that plant is affected by the weather, the soil, where it is planted or how we have cared for our selection.  So now maybe you can understand the difficulty we’ve had in describing each plant in our store.  Hopefully we’ve given you enough for a guideline and to encourage you to experiment, but your experience with it will be your own.  How cool is that!!  So please enjoy browsing and don’t hesitate to send us any questions you may have.

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