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Before you get too set in stone about what’s going in your planters this year give some thought to the beauty of edibles.  You say you want colour we’ve  got red, black and purple for starters.  Texture?  We grow curly, angular and cascading.  Flowers…why not.  Not only herbal flowers are edible!  (do read Caution  note at bottom )



And don’t these look delicious:


candied edible violets

CANDIED VIOLETS                                              

                                                                 LAVENDER SHORTBREAD

lavender shortbread

We certainly have much to learn in our humble gardening attempts about improving the nutrients in our diets but there are an abundance of articles available and sourcing plant materials has become much more obtainable.  Here’s a little to get you started:

Caution: Never eat flowers or other parts of plants unless you are certain of their identification, that they are edible and that you do not have an allergy to them.  Never eat large quantities of any food that is new to you, as you may trigger a serious allergic reaction.  Be aware that various chemicals, commonly used along roads, in gardens and along rights of way, may be highly poisonous.  Be certain that your specimens are safe and accurately identified before gathering or using them.  The use of violets medicinally or in large quantities is not recommended without private consultation with a professionally trained professional.  Many plants that are safe in small quantities, such as those used as garnishes or decorations are medicinal in large quantities.  Use moderation.  Do not use rare plants for food.

!  !  !  IMPORTANT  !  !  !  African violets are NOT viola and are NOT considered edible.  DO NOT SUBSTITUTE AFRICAN VIOLETS FOR SWEET VIOLETS IN THESE OR OTHER RECIPES.  Beware also of look-alikes and sound-alikes, as many plants are nicknamed “violet” because of their color


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