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   I’m guessing every grower on the Altantic Coast this year 2016 is starting their season off with a sigh of relief. What’s not to love about getting yourself organized before the plants demand your undivided attention! The occasional bluster from a stormy sky only secures us a little more time for prep work, no longer a dire threat of more damage and destruction.    

        snow filled greenhouse            snow filled greenhouse 







Methinks it will take more than one season to lay to rest the anxious thoughts of what our maritime winters might bring, but for this year let’s start an early celebration and savour our predictably unpredictable spring!!! Our plan this year at Horlings Plants is to keep you in the loop by posting via facebook and/or instagram what’s currently happening in Annapolis Valley on our benches and in our gardens. We’ve got lots of new things on the agenda so remember to keep checking in…






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