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Prior to stepping even one foot into your outdoor garden this year, whether it’s a lowly window box or a full on botanical plot, take a moment to appreciate its simplicity in its dormant state. A lot is to be said for our seasons here in Canada. I often wonder if living in a milder climate one can fully appreciate the onset of warm days and enjoyment of fresh budding we are so fortunate to experience each new spring. Last year’s memories of our horticultural triumphs and tragedies are equally important as we anticipate creating a new work of art on that bleak blank slate (patch of dirt) in front of us. That’s right, your garden can be an extension of your creative mind as much as the Mona Lisa was Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece! Okay granted, the appreciation of your artwork may only appeal to a limited few but remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So take a moment to look at your empty canvas and visualize what you want your final portrait to look like.

Remember to factor in the following:

1) How much time do you have to spend in your garden, sometimes less is more

2) Does your space lend itself more to sun or shade plants, wet or dry

3) What colours do you like…will they blend

4) How large is your space…will it accommodate all your ideas or do you need to simplify

5) Have you considered incorporating some edibles to lend some contrast and provide delicious snacks

Those are a few considerations but make sure you give it your own twist. You are ultimately the artist that needs to be satisfied.

TIP: Greenhouses in the spring though very therapeutic can be a little overwhelming so it’s always a good plan to do some window shopping before you settle on your plant purchases. New varieties, old must haves and certainly lots of fresh ideas are waiting to give you inspiration. Besides, checking it out early extends your spring season!



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