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If there’s one discipline in life you can get away with disorganization (or at least without it being too apparent) it’s in the realm of gardening.  Personal style is everything and though your friends may raise their eyebrows at your cataclysmic approach you can justify it by calling it your ‘signature’ landscaping.  I’m sure the aristocrats of England’s grand formal gardens must have been horrified at the advent of the simple cottage garden actually becoming  a recognized design style, but now those practical and often chaotic household plots  are heralded as secluded areas of enchantment.  

The cottage garden has been loosely defined as contained disorder.  It originated as a medley of useful plantings to sustain the peasant class of the Victorian age so really how appropriate is it to adopt that disorder again in the light of renewing our commitment to sustainable living today. Why not have our garden suited to our lifestyle rather than be a slave to its demands.  If you are reading this blog then you have some interest in growing…something.  So make it something worthy of your time.  Our growing season is short.  Be spontaneous and experiment. 


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